About us

EatPrayFootball was founded by Alina Belhane in Istanbul as football community to play matches for amateurs. Concept is : everyone is welcome, any age, gender, nationality and skills.

We started to play 5 vs 5 on the small pitch in 2016 and now we playing various stadiums in Istanbul 7 vs 7 and 8 vs 8. We have met players from more the 80 different countries and we keep warm and friendly vibes on our games. If you want to meet good friends and make sport on fresh air, welcome to join us!

Our mission is to create Games for everyone who wants to play football.

Our vision is to make Istanbul - capital of football.

Dear EatPrayFootball players, please follow our Rules to have great matches.

1. We play any weather conditions. Just follow our Schedule in the App!
2. Participation for the match from player includes : rent of stadi, water for all players, vest, photo and videos from the game in our Instagram https://www.instagram.com/eat_pray_football/
3. About cancellation. If player cancels match less then 6 hours before the game, he doesn t have refund. Please be responsible for your attendance!
4. Each match has Superviser or Assistant. If you have any questions, feel free to ask him. If you want to switch teams, ask him as well. He is there to keep good vibes on the game.
5. We play for fit, fun and friendship. Agressive players are not welcome. If you are agree, welcome. Hope to meet you on the pitch!